Those funny things we do when starting out in voice overs

Posted on July 25, 2012 by


Working at Voice123, we see and hear lots of interesting things. Every so often, something happens that reminds us very much of what happened when first struck with the bug of wanting to do voice overs. Sure…we read lots of online content from those stating the business is saturated, and giving reasons why, and it is true many “want to do this”.

Yet, when starting out, we all took chances that later on in life we should laugh at ourselves over. We have an example of such a thing; a phone message reminding us where we came from.We received a phone call the other day from a young person, not yet sure how to approach the industry. From what we learned later from her mom (when we kinda told on her), she was not supposed to be calling companies trying to get in voice overs.

There exists something genuine in a child’s willingness to try, and maybe this phone message reminded me of mailing out postcards to everyone (and their next of kin) over 20 years ago. Yes, it was wasted time, money, and effort, embarrassing, but “you can only do what you know until you know better.” She obviously thought we are a website for singers.

Hope this audio clip makes you smile.

The name has been removed obviously to protect her identity. The original message is about 5 minutes long.

What kind of thing did you do when you started out that you look back and laugh about now?