Did social media fly over the cuckoo’s nest?

Posted on July 16, 2012 by


Last week, I was watching David Letterman before going to sleep, while I held my android reading Facebook posts from bed.  I look at Voice123 emails too. 😀 The guest that night was Ray Romano, and he stated something that connected with me at the exact same time I read Facebook, “I feel like social media has done nothing more than illustrate how we are all crazy, and as people, have the craziest thoughts. We just forgot now what we shouldn’t say.”

I heard this right around the time a post appeared mentioning the film, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest“. It made me think to try an experiment:

  • Copy posts from Facebook and lines from the movie into an article
  • See if anyone can tell the difference between a line from the script and a Facebook post

Why do such a thing? Interestingly, social media still has a very difficult time proving its worth to a business, whether it be an individual or an enterprise. If you go to community manager expos, they talk about it often. Social media is a great deal of fun to use, but given online content is “forever”, is it helpful for every business to take part in it? How do we know we are expressing things that actually “help us”?  In no way, is this meant to offend. See if you can tell the difference between a line from the movie and a post from Facebook:

  1. With few exceptions, time spent in the company of others is therapeutic, while every minute spent brooding alone only increases separation.
  2. Stop living your life through someone else’s eyes or for someone else’s dreams and expectations. God gave you a purpose and only you can fulfill His purpose for your life. Something Good Is Going To Happen!!!
  3. Can you please post a security guard outside your outdoor events? People got drunk and I saw a man urinating. I asked a security guard to come over to let him know what was happening but he ignored me.
  4. Now, wouldn’t you pray for twenty bucks, a bottle booze an’ a piece of that angel cake?
  5. As a kid, I never felt pain because right before id get hurt., I would say to myself, “ok this will hurt badly”, but its not working.
  6. What do you want with twenty zombies when you got a twenty gun salute looking you right in the face.

Can you tell the difference? Which one is which?