Attend a webinar on Voice123 and get 3-months free

Posted on July 16, 2012 by


Coming this Wednesday night at 8pm EDT, I will be doing a webinar on how to make the best usage out of Voice123, and how to get voice over work online.

This is something you need to attend, if you use Voice123. In fact, considering the information shared in the webinar, we are surprised more people do not attend! Voice123 is comprised of a staff of voice talent, some of whom you know, and we experience every single day the reasons why voice talent work, and do not work. We realize Voice123 has been around a while, but trends always change, and it happens faster online for reasons you have to work here to understand.

We want to make an offer to all those who attend:

  • If you attend this webinar, and renew or upgrade your subscription afterwards, we will add 3-months to your subscription on Voice123.
  • If you are already a premium subscriber, we will add 3-months for you.

If you have ever asked these questions:

  • “Why did I get ranked not likely?”
  • “Why wasn’t I invited?”
  • “Why doesn’t the voice seeker open auditions?”
  • “Why do some gigs pay so low, and why do I see them?”
  • “Why do I pay to audition?”

…then you want to attend this webinar given by Voice123.

This is real easy stuff…Show up, hear us out, get great info you will not get anywhere else, and get 3-months out of it!

We will do questions and answers, and get to the heart of what it really means to work online in voice overs, especially on Voice123.

See you there!