Be a Voice123 Affiliate and put money where your word of mouth is!

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Have you ever found yourself in a discussion with a voice talent, and you find that more than once, you referred them to Voice123?

When it comes to websites, there is a saying…”If you cannot measure word-of-mouth”. But here’s the thing…You know for a fact that you have been referring people to Voice123, and they became Premium Subscribers.

Earn some commission for what you do! Put money where your word-of-mouth is!

Become a Voice123 Affiliate!

You would be surprised at the super easy way of doing it. Please read on!

First things first!

About the link…

  • To make the link yours, simply adjust the text after “AF” in the link.
  • Then, confirm with Voice123 via email that it is yours at
  • If you change it at anytime, we must be notified, and if you would like banners or graphics from us for your website, let us know!

Got that link…What next?:

  • Place the link where ever you please in your website, including your own marketing materials and emails.

OK…then what?:

Every NEW voice talent who clicks on that link and performs the following actions:

  • Creates a profile on Voice123
  • Upgrades to a Premium Subscription within 60-days…Will earn you a 10% commission on that sale from Voice123 (more details below)

How commission works:

  • You will receive $30 per sale of a regular premium subscription through the link
  • Payment will be made each month, after you pass $100 in commission

Other good stuff:

  • We will give you Voice123 banners for your site!
  • All affiliates are notified first of any special promotion Voice123 has in mind!
  • All affiliates are kept in direct contact with staff for when he/she has a question or comment!
  • We also look forward to getting out to visit with affiliates face to face!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at the email listed above! And hey…

Voice talent friends of yours are joining the site everyday because of you, so why not give them your link to sign up…and make a commission on it?

Put money where your word of mouth is today!