Updated Voice123 training video on how to get voice over work

Posted on June 30, 2012 by


Every week, we take an hour to show voice talent how to get work using the Voice123.

After the changes we have done to Voice123 in recent months involving:

  • Not resetting stats
  • Removing a software policy that did not invite 7% of voice talent

We saw it was time to update the video. We cannot stress enough to voice talent how important it is to know the professional theory behind Voice123 SmartCast. Those who have taken this training become armed with the knowledge to get more work on Voice123, while those who don’t (even if they do get work already), may be missing out!  To date, it is the most transparent, down to earth, explanation of how to get work on Voice123. Long-winded? Yes, but it is worth the 90 minutes!

We hope you enjoy!