Top 5 reasons voice talent leave Voice123

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This past week, if you did not renew your Voice123 subscription, you may have gotten a call from me to ask why and get some feedback. We just wanted to know why and what you thought of the service…maybe I left a message asking to call back, or emailed.  I do promise…it was me talking. 😀

After doing this for a week, we wanted to share with voice talent the Top 5 reasons behind why they explained they had left the service. One of the best parts of working here is finding out that those initial gut reactions to “why things happen”, always have a bigger story behind it. What we believe has happened based on our own experiences, seems to rarely reflect the bigger story. So, not your typical article, but good info…

Top 5 Reasons Voice Talent Leave Voice123

5.  Life changing priorities such as surgery, moving, and new commitments

  • It is true that life can be extremely unfair at times. Indeed, at the point of dealing with such things, it is as if someone asks us, “Do you really want to do this?”. Choices have to be made that may mean taking a break, or discovering the career just is not your thing to do.
  • In addition, this industry is not going anywhere. We have seen successful voice talent leave the industry to enlist in military, or take part in amazing charity events, then come back to voice overs as if they had never left.

4. Did not get work from the website

  • That makes sense. Yet, one common thread exists between those I contacted last week: They did not see this video on how to use Voice123, or attend the free training that is done every week. Of course, that does not solve all problems, but those who see an “audition” as being the same online, offline, and every website, may be making the mistake that causes all online businesses to fail…They tried to adopt an offline environment of industrial thinking to a digital environment.
  • There exists another reason some may not get work…They do not know who they are competing with ie. They never looked at who had similar profiles to them. Any business, Voice123 included, needs to pay attention to competition and evaluate whether or not they are targeting the right customers with their actions. How we get evaluated online is much different than offline, as we are subject to brazen opinions without face-to-face interaction.

3. Did not like getting negative rankings

  • Negative rankings are tough to look at, and if you let them get to you, they will consume your ability to work. With 900 million people on Facebook “liking”, while Amazon, Yelp, eBay, etc, all having systems to allow people to show their satisfaction, or lack thereof, sharing opinions are ways customers say, “I want more of this and I dont want more of this.”.
  • To their credit, those responding stated that rankings let them know something they were doing was not fitting with the website. They did want more explanation from a voice seeker, but realized they had more work to do regardless of the rankings.

2. Could not afford it

  • This makes sense. Yes, $295 is pricey. Yet, a personal concern of mine is the belief that “payment” guarantees “work”. In one way, if someone says, “It’s too much.”, that is very smart to acknowledge. Back in 2005, I specifically did not pay for a premium subscription on Voice123 because I knew “it was too soon and that was too much at that point in my life”. I did try a monthly subscription on some websites, and was pretty much able to pay for my own validation that I was not ready (which I suspected already).
  • Simply put, there are no guarantees in this business, but if that $295 is something you can dismiss as a tax write-off, it will be more attractive than commission.

And the #1 reason…

1. They forgot!

  • Voice123 does not have auto-renew, and never did. In addition, we send out lots of emails, so those reminders of an expiring subscription can go in a spam folder once in a while.  Perhaps, it is the one thing Voice123 and voice talent have in common…We have to email folks all the time for business purposes.

Do you see any reasons missing that surprised you were not included?

If I call…It is just me…

Steven Lowell Steven is the Community Manager of Voice123
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