Big Super Change in Voice123 all voice talent should know!

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Over the past couple of months, the product development team at Voice123, especially Henry and Angel, has been working very hard to make sure more voice job opportunities are available.

Today, we wish to announce changes in Voice123 that all voice talent should know…especially those who never used Voice123, or may have stopped some time ago. See below, and we hope you are very excited about this!

Inactivity message is gone

  • The message used to appear on profiles for voice talent inactive over 30-days, but many voice talent pay to use Voice123 just for the search feature.
  • If they never logged in, they would become inactive…and they were VERY active.

Renewing does not reset auditioning stats

  • Simply put…if you have been with Voice123 for a while, or intend to start today, when you renew…your history stays with you.

Biggest change…The dreaded SmartCast “Penalty” shrinks to almost nothing!

  • Since May of 2008, SmartCast had a formula that would lead to 7% of voice talent who matched a job, would NOT being invited due to the amount of auditions they had submitted.
  • NOW, only 1% of voice talent not invited to jobs for over-submitting compared to voice talent similar to them.
  • An example…if a job matches 100 people…1 person wont get invited due to the amount they have submitted lately.

More on what this means…

“Am I in the 1%”?

  • There are always voice talent that tend to get on Voice123, and mistakenly assume it is a Craigslist-form job board.
  • In 2012…this almost never happens!
  • Voice talent who are selective, and know how to target the right jobs for themselves based on voice seeker behavior and job parameters, will have more opportunities with less concern.

If you are not invited for something…

  • Please note: Still in place is “when” you get invited. Make sure you have your profile and My Demos sections filled out; text and proper boxes checked off!
  • See this great video on how the system REALLY works. Please share it, too! Only 3000 people have seen it!

Still want more?

  • Stay tuned! More to report very soon!

Personal aside about this…I am stating this from personal experience working here: Through the efforts ofย  voice talent over the last 5 years, I have seen voice talent professionalism make the online business more competitive, which has influenced such changes, that once felt necessary. The Voice123 voice talent I have met in person, listened to, and shared emails or chats with, are helping to pave a more professional path for working online. When such a movement takes place, positive change is inevitable.

We hope you will bring your professional voice over talent to Voice123!

Hey! Here are the guys responsible for these recent Voice123 changes!

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If you were once a premium member of Voice123, it would be great to hear you again.

What do you think of these changes? Any thoughts to share?