Getting out to see Voice123 talent at Super Mega Show

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What was your inspiration to go into voice overs?

Yesterday, a couple of Voice123 staff drove out to Whippany, NJ to see Super Mega Show, but more importantly to see a voice talent we interviewed some months ago, Mark Dodson (pictured on right). Simply put, it feels great to get out from behind the mic, desk, out of the dungeon, where ever your studio is in your house etc. to meet the people behind the website. Even more so, meeting the people who served as an inspiration to so many for the past 40 to 50 years. The beauty of such things as Super Mega Show, for all its quirky-ness, the fans keep a particular type of work alive, even if that involves paying for autographs and such.

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What overwhelms me at times about meeting those who inspire us, is that they are just regular people with a particular gift that touched so many lives. I look at Mark as a regular guy, but he also worked on Return of the Jedi, and with a director (George Lucas), that I grew up dreaming to work with one day. Then, to find out we have helped folks like this get work…well…needless to say I couldn’t wait to tell everyone. At this event, I also met Larry Kenney, Burt Ward, and many others it would take two blogs to talk about.

On the way home…I did think to myself…”I don’t get out enough”. šŸ˜€

Please let us know if you ever have a live event to attend!

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