Separating stinker casting sites from legit casting sites

Posted on June 6, 2012 by


This may be odd to write something that passively promotes other competitors and calls them legit, but I saw a website take a swing at all casting sites in a tweet, and working here at Voice123…it made me think to write this for voice talent.

I will cut to the chase. I started working here to specifically find out the truth behind “What is stinky and what is legit?”, on all levels. Truth is…there are competitors that I disagree with, but I know from my experience what they are trying to do.

There are things, however, that I believe makes a website “stinky”:

  • Not being clear about the business model pricing structure
  • Not displaying who works for the company and what they do
  • Selling by promising to NOT be like other popular casting sites
  • Selling to the desperate nature of the struggling artist
  • Openly writes negative comments about other websites
  • Animated graphics marketing the words “cash” “money” and “deals”

Why? For better or worse, a website requires:

  • Voice talent need to know what they are paying for, and have proof that it does work.
  • Voice talent should know who works for them. You should know who is pulling what strings and what they do, or if a large business, at least have an accessible community manager.

Bad form…and still people try it…

Inventing “want” based on public fears that may or may not be true is taking a shortcut. What people want and what actually works is rarely spoken about because no one wants to give up secrets.

Ask yourself…What can your website do for you? If your answer involves “I want them to not be this…“, it is no different from that voice seeker who posts a job asking voice talent, “Please don’t do this or that. Thanks!”. A website only promising to not be something else has not figured out what they can offer you, legitimately.

I learned from basically looking like a 14-yr old until the age of 30, how to spot the lesser element,  who looks at a person and thinks, “I can get something from him”. In the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, these came in the form of pseudo-agents who wanted me to pay them, or modeling scams. In fact, today I know there are some weary of Voice123 because of the activities of this lesser element in the past. We have been taught by this element not to trust anything, until you see it. Online is a different neighborhood, but the personality of the lesser element has not changed.

I can honestly say that for all the time I have been at Voice123, not once did we create content that deliberately fires the first shot at other companies for complaints we know they receive, but have not changed. It is an unprofessional, garbage move to attack a competitor. Attacking a competitor displays insecurity. Finally…Really? Animated graphics with the words “cash” “money” and “deals” with potshots at legitimate tools for getting work? Wow.

It is 2012. I really hope voice actors starting out and professionals know that there is no “special deal” to getting voice over work. You have to work your tail off.

What do you think?