Voice123 endorsement by voice coach Deborah Richards and more

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If you have ever stayed up late to watch an infomercial, the caption “Results Not Typical”, is usually displayed. It is very easy to say about any service like Voice123 or a profession that offers no guarantee of success regardless of the amount of schooling and education, “There is something wrong with it!”, and very easy to find negative online reviews. But what about those, who do not find anything wrong with it, and why do they seem to say very little in online content?

The answer is quite human: We are all competing to work in an amazing industry, and when voice talent discover their own pot of gold, no one should be expected to talk about it. When we are approached by voice talent, who want to tell us how great it has been for them, we wont say no! As you read this Voice123 endorsement by voice coach Deborah Richards and her student, please know they approached me with it after a webinar, and we were just overwhelmed. It also let us know that there is much more going on than meets the eye when you work online, BUT you can see there is still a great deal of effort that goes into being successful. Deborah Richards states…

“I have been a voice over talent for 34 years (since I was 16.. you do the math) but my greatest and most consistent success has come with joining Voice 123. Its given me a chance to build a foundation of regular customers from across the globe. I opened my own commercial studio two years ago and found I didn’t have the time to devote to auditioning. Thanks to the customer base established through Voice 123, I am still billing my regular $3000 to $5000 dollars a month.

As a voice coach, I consider membership to Voice123 a critical tool, as critical as your microphone. My usual process with new voice talent is training them, create the demos, get them on Voice123, and continue to work with them on their auditioning technique. Within a month or two they have booked their first jobs. Then I can go to the agents and get them signed as  proven earners, revenue generators in V/O. That’s led to more than half  of my students being signed with a top agency in their first year.

I have tried other pay-2-play sites, and focused on Voice 123 because its this site that generated the most success, was the most user friendly and produced the range of job fees that best suited me and my students. I have to go now because thanks to the (Voice123) team I have to lay down my audio for my next job.

Deborah Richards at Creative Studios of Atlanta”

Shortly after receiving that email, I was written by one of her students, Aerin Cole…

“I have been using Voice 123 for the past 7-months as virtual agent and don’t know how I could survive this VO life without it? The system is easy to use and understand. I sat in on a webinar yesterday with Steven Lowell yesterday and he seemed very approachable and willing to answer any questions we had. My subscription paid for itself in a couple of months. – Aerin Cole

Have you ever attended the webinar we do at Voice123? It is helpful!