How voice actors and web startups can identify with rejection

Posted on May 15, 2012 by


I am writing this today based around an experience that took place with Voice123 & VoiceBunny co-founder Alex Torrenegra, which he writes about in Learning from a failed Endeavor.

Drawing an analogy to his experience, imagine you are a voice actor who will get to interview with the top voice agencies from around the world, and if they take you on board, you will have connections that would have taken years to make on your own…When it comes to growing a web business…this is how I view Endeavor. His experience brought down to earth a simple fact…like a voice actor, web startups experience the same struggles, and rejection is just part of the learning process.

Voice actors and web startups must be…

  • Passionate
  • Artists (each in their own way)
  • Business savvy & tech savvy
  • Wise enough to look at a script and have the vision to predict if what they do will lead to a positive outcome. (Keep in mind…two different kinds of “script”)
  • A steel gut for rejection

    It’s a good thing no matter what

Like a voice actor needing an agent, a web startup needs a VC (Venture Capitalist), and many times both hear the exact same phrase…

“Interesting, I will get back to you”

Argh! Don’t you just hate that? It happens. Does this mean it is time to sit and wait for them to get back to you? No! You have to keep moving forward.

Throughout history, businesses have grown through the process of working with other businesses to collaborate and make something even more amazing that takes on a life of its own aka. goes “viral”. This will not happen by standing still, waiting for others to bring you to where you want to go. Like a voice actor or web startup, there are special “moments” that feel “make or break”. For a voice actor, it may be a chance meeting where they get to audition for many prestigious agents, or meet someone who is a great contact for future work. For a web startup, it may be an experience to work with those who can take a business to the next level.

It is that time when you throw all your cards on the table and say…

“This is who I am. This is what I do, why I do it, and this is what I have built. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with you because it will be equally beneficial…”

(insert a wait for an answer that feels like a life time)

That struggle…to put your art work out there for public approval, and wait for it to be denied or accepted is a daily struggle for any artist, be it voice actors, and case-in-point Alex Torrenegra. There will always be people you would just do anything to work with, and sometimes these people say, “Not interested.” Like a voice actor or web startup, does that mean it is time to take to the Internet and start blasting others for rejecting you because if they rejected you CLEARLY it is a sign of their lack of professionalism? No, not at all. Is it time for assumptions and finger-pointing? No. All of that is counter-productive.

Like a voice actor or web startup, what do you do? Listen to those reasons why people want to work with you, those who do not, and remember what you did when your only feedback was the sound of silence. Then, take a step back from what you experienced and remember these tips:

  • “Never give up.”
  • “We all do our best until we know better.”
  • “Thank people for their feedback because this world is give and take.”
  • “Take necessary action to fix what did not work.”

…and no matter what happens…even when your emotions drive you to do so…and you just want to explode…

  • “Never take anything personally”

No one likes a sore loser in any field of work. That last one is the hardest part, because like a voice actor, web startups are in a business where if you do not have passion…no one will believe in you, and passion is not proven through words, but through actions that help you arrive at your destination. When that passion is rejected…it is hard to not take it personally. They will believe in you, if you keep showing up and get better each time, but not if you are viewed as a sore loser.