10 Reasons Why I Enjoy Voice123 by Julia Lipman

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Julia Lipman

We receive feedback about Voice123 every single day, and over the years we have gotten to know many of you through email conversations. The best thing about it is getting to hear the honest opinions from voice talent like

you! Last week, Julia Lipman of Voice123 sent us this great email she agreed to share with everyone, and we did keep it real. See if you have the same thoughts!

10 Reasons Why I Enjoy Voice123 by Julia Lipman

1. A wide range of jobs

I have been fortunate enough to book all kinds of jobs through Voice123 including medical narrations, elearning projects, radio and TV commercials, corporate narrations, IVR on-hold messages, non-profit infomercials/web videos, travel videos, instructional videos, audiobooks, the list goes on…..

2. Repeat business

Some of the relationships I have formed with clients I have found or found me through Voice123 are continuing.  I am always thrilled when they come back to me for another project!

3. Non-payment help

I have not forgotten that when a client did not pay me, you and your team (Leo Lopez) got the money for me.  I was so thankful for that.  I tell that story to friends over and over again.  This type of customer service is very personal and very rare!  You were also very helpful when I asked you a follow up question about a particular job I was thinking of auditioning for, but was worried because it was like the under-$50 job I did not get paid for; you provided me with relevant information which helped  me make an informed decision about it.  Recently, I was also grateful for your advice when I was not getting any work (it had been quite a few months) and I was getting disheartened about it.  Since then as I told you I did get a job and since that job I got one more and two more repeat clients.

4. Web site is user friendly

I love the Voice123 web site because when I get an email I can see right away without even opening it what the job is and how much it is paying.  No need to look further if I’m not interested and if I am, it’s so easy to get to the job quickly.  Another thing I like is the job page – the colors, the layout, everything is so easy to see and it’s all on one page, including the script.  I don’t have to open up several folders to get to the job, download links to get the script, etc.  I also love the printable version of the script option!

5. Ability to market through demos/past work

One of the things I like about auditioning is that not only do voice seekers ask for a custom demo, but they also ask for a generic demo.  I think this gives voice talent an opportunity to provide voice seekers with quick and easy access to a demo or sample of their work.  No one has the time to download links you provide them or to go onto your web site to take a listen.  This a great feature.

6. Range of budgets

I like that this is not restricted.  I have done jobs for under $50, for $100, $500 and up.  I used to be afraid of  the “To be defined “category, but I have grown to love it because it gives me a chance to figure out what I think my time is worth and what the voice seeker might pay.  On a recent job “TBD” job I did, I quoted for 2 videos what I thought was high and the voice seeker actually doubled the budget!  I was so shocked but then I realized that there actually are some very caring, professional people out there who don’t want to take advantage of voice talent.  A couple of clients have also thrown in an extra $50 or $100 at the end of the project because they were pleased with the end result.  Pretty amazing!

7. Subscription

A very small thing, but I like that you do not automatically renew subscriptions every year!  BTW, I just renewed my premium subscription.

8.  Networking

I have been lucky to have been referred to other jobs or projects by voice seekers who do not hire me.  Recently, I auditioned for a job and the voice seeker said that I wasn’t chosen but asked if I interested in another project she thought I would be perfect for.  Sometimes voice seekers have gotten back to me and said they will keep me in mind for future projects or that they are sorry I wasn’t chosen, which I think is incredibly nice and thoughtful.  I have also found other voice talent, who posted jobs who have said they will keep me in mind for future projects, and I am doing the same.  This is all just through auditioning.

9. Resources

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I read your manualon line and it’s fabulous!  I have been meaning to read it for a while and finally did.  It has so many useful tips and great advice.  I go back to it frequently.  I also enjoy your posts/emails on specific subjects.

10. Excellent customer service

On a couple of occasions I have had questions and have contacted Voice123 via email or live chat.  I have to say that I am impressed with the quick response I get with email inquiries.  It’s never been more than 24 hours or so when I hear back and often you, Steven, have contacted me directly!  I feel very lucky that I am able to communicate directly with you because that is not always possible in this business.  I find it much better than dealing with different people every time I contact Voice123.  As far as the live chat goes, The Voice 123 team has always been very helpful to me.  Not only have they answered my question, but they often suggest resources or tips I have not thought about.  I recently spoke with Tara Tyler (twice) on the live chat and she was so helpful.  It’s clear that your team really enjoys what they do!

What I would like to see…
If you are looking for feedback on what else I think might be useful, I need help with is quoting for jobs which I’m sure everyone does.  I have looked at the Voice123 rate sheet, but it is too general for me; what would be great is a table/list  of past Voice123 jobs with some of the details in the current job postings like type of project, budget, purpose of recording, length of recording and/or word count to give voice talent a quick reference guide to what other Voice123 jobs have paid.  It’s so difficult unless you can see based on the number of word’s/minutes/type of project (not just general category like regional radio/tv) what might be reasonable.  I started one of my own, but didn’t get very far!  Often when I get an email, I’m scrambling to find past jobs to try to come up with a reasonable fee to fit the client’s budget where it is “to be defined” or a range or whether or not to spend the time to audition.

Thanks to Julia!  Do you have questions comments or feedback?