Voice123 is now offering Group Rates for your voice over community!

Posted on May 11, 2012 by


Coming up with the funds to find voice over work can be a hassle, especially if you hit a slump around the time your Premium Subscription to Voice123 runs out.

Yet, Voice123 is worth it because of these basic facts. Voice123 offers…

1. Increased job growth since 2007

2. Technology that helps you avoid “early bird gets the worm auditioning” (On average Voice123 jobs see 13 auditions)

3. A chance to be in professional company. Your voice seekers love working with voice talent.

…and then…Voice123 offers this at $295/yr USD?  Yes…ouch, BUT we are doing something about it for you!

Voice123 is now offering Group Rates for you and your friends!

Which group rate do you like best?

Group Rate #1  – You and a couple friends…save $300

Group Rate #2 – Those close friends you work with…save $750

Group Rate #3 – Get the crowd together…save $900


Interested or have a group of voice talent to discuss other possible group rates? Email me at steven@voice123.com!


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There is plenty of voice over work on Voice123, so we hope buying with a little help from your friends proves to be useful!

*This offer is good beginning May 11th, 2012 and valid to June 30th, 2012.*