Voice123 and Edge Studio bring you Talk With a Pro with the Home Studio Master

Posted on May 11, 2012 by


What are you doing Monday night? Voice123 and Edge Studio present Talk With a Pro with Home Studio Master…Dan Lenard! If you have doubts about your home studio setup, or may be just want to ask Dan some questions about equipment and audio…join us!

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Dan Lenard contributes to this Voice123 WordPress in the Home Studio Master section. He has been a radio personality, a radio Production Director and Operations Manager, and also a high school Media and Social Studies teacher. He earned his BA in Broadcasting from Buffalo State College in 1980 and then in 2002, an MS in Creative Studies. His experience as a teacher and lecturer on many subjects with his dry sense of humor allows him to explain complex technological voice-over stuff into language anyone can understand.

Dan conducts many webinars on home voice-over topics with VoiceoverXtra. He currently hosts the very popular and acclaimed weekly live webcast “East-West AUDIO Body Shop” with Co-host, home studio engineer, George Whittam, Sunday nights at 9 Eastern Time and 6 pm Pacific.

Great info coming up! We hope you can make it!