Sound and Vision India dubs for The Avengers and other Hollywood films

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Last week, the Facebook group Sound and Vision India, run by voice over talent and coach Mona Shetty, made an announcement that had this Hulk fan green with envy. (no pun intended)

  • “I hope you’re all watching The Avengers this weekend…Sound and Vision India has dubbed both!”

I immediately contacted her because I needed to know what that exactly meant. She agreed to answer some questions for us. One of the most amazing things about working online is being exposed to many “voice over worlds”, because there are many, and they all work differently. Sound and Vision India has been a major resource for Hollywood to get films dubbed and distributed in India. See the interview below, which took place on Facebook last week:

Voice123 (me…with child-like enthusiasm):

Hi Mona! I would love to ask you questions about your last announcement. How big would you say your industry is for voice overs? How did they catch on to you, as a great place to get dubbing services?  What are some of the other movies that you have dubbed? What is the daily life of a voice talent who dubs for these films, and of course…How did you land such a great film like The Avengers?

Mona Shetty:

We regularly dub movies from one language to another. In fact, practically all the big Hollywood movies coming to India are dubbed by us in Hindi (our National language) as well as in Tamil & Telugu (2 south Indian languages which have the largest movie going population). I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you may have about this.

The voice over industry here is pretty big and is catching up with the rest of the world now with audiobooks and TTS (text to speech) work growing in prominence. We have voices for all media and all genres of work across various languages. We have a union in Mumbai alone with about 1000 voices and I’m sure there would be 10 times as many across the country. My mother, who was a singer and voice artist, started her dubbing business with Jurassic Park and has never looked back since. I can safely say, we’re one of the top dubbing companies in the country today with international clients like Fox, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Sony, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and many more besides the Indian producers, agencies and distributors we work with.

The movies we’ve worked on recently are the entire Mission Impossible franchise, the Twilight series, The Adventures of Tintin, Johnny English Reborn, Aliens VS Avatars, Super 8, John Carter, Resident Evil (entire franchise), Underworld (entire franchise), Spiderman (entire franchise), RIO, Transformers (series), Pirates of the Caribbean (series), Kung Fu Panda 2, The Smurfs, Fast Five, Puss in Boots……I could go on and on!

The voice artists who dub for these films typically work for 8 to 15 hours a day running from studio to studio depending on the length of their role. We have some very professional, capable and talented voice over artists who can match a performance to the T. Now, since we are well known by the Hollywood studios, producers and distributors, they usually contact us for most of their dubs either through their distribution offices in Mumbai or directly from their home offices in Los Angeles. We work across a host of products in many languages and are therefore totally committed to the voicing and dubbing world!


Wow! That is great! I think I read once in discussions, that “home studios” are not really used in India. I believe you stated they come to your studio. Am I correct?

Mona Shetty:

Yes. It’s not so easy for voice talent here to work from home. Many of them cannot afford the equipment, or are just not tech savvy enough to set up a home studio(that would be me!!). Most voice overs here just cant even think of setting something up at home and doing all those jobs themselves. Besides, in this city, getting any peace and quiet to record at home is IMPOSSIBLE! Even though I have my own studio now, it is run like a professional studio with engineers, coordinators and managers in place to take care of all recordings…but even then…I just love going to studios around the city for the change of environment, the familiar engineers, meeting new producers, directors, clients, agencies…It really helps bring all the experience to my students and my recording work, and it goes without saying that it makes for no-effort, great-effect networking!


Hey! I want to thank you for this interview! Your voice over world is certainly fascinating!

What do you think of this discussion? Any questions for Mona Shetty yourself?