Google fun with Voice123 pros and cons of having a name like Rachel Leahcar

Posted on May 5, 2012 by


After looking at some Google analytics today, we noticed something interesting…A profile that was being searched heavily:

Do you know this voice over talent Rachel Lehcar?

We noticed this one profile was getting lots of views, and wondered why. She probably does not use Voice123 anymore, and that is fine, but do you see the significance of her name?

Rachel ‘Leahcar’ is a hot Google search term after her appearance on ‘The Voice’ in Australia, and her story is truly amazing! But what if your Voice123 voice talent profile shares a name with a popular search? What do you think are the pros and cons? Interestingly, as you can see, ‘Rachel Lehcar’ is spelled differently for the Voice123 profile…so…lots of world-wide spelling errors done by people searching on Google.

So…let us say your name suddenly matches a person who has turned into a wildly popular Google search…

What would be the “Pros“?

  • You get found much more often.

What would be the “Cons”?

  • You get found much more often…for the wrong reasons.
  • Your website may somehow be viewed as ‘spammy’, when it really wasn’t…a natural reaction to searching for something and being let down by the result.
  • We have had stories of voice talent losing work to the very people they proudly promoted in their Voice123 profile (especially when used in the short voice description).
  • What does that mean? If you promote who you took classes from, you may be helping them get hired over you. Names withheld, we have seen it before.

The moral of the story…

  • It is great to be found on Google, and it also pays to be “you”
  • It pays to be the real thing…unlike no other…so maybe if your name becomes a popular search term one day, you will have others scrambling to change their names.
  • Imitation has its limitations. Google is changing things so much that trying to game their system will be counter-productive.

Do you ever find in Google Alerts or searches that someone shares a name with you?