Use Machinima, real time animation, Voice123, and entrepreneurs for voice over work

Posted on May 4, 2012 by


Are you a director, filmmaker, producer, animator, or simply in need of voice over talent? Recently, a voice seeker we met at New York Video Meetup posted a voice over job on Voice123.

See the voice job here

The voice seeker, Pooky Amsterdam of Pooky Media, used for this voice over …


How Voice123 helped?

  • Voice123 is open on weekends. We were working, and got contacted directly for a voice over job that was pretty much a “real-time voice over job”.
  • There were some voice talent talking to us on our Facebook page.
  • We posted a job on Voice123, and passed the job around social media hoping to find child voice talent at the last minute.
  • This voice talent auditioned and was hired within the hour.

This is definitely a different type of work, and certainly “new media”, and it is the type of innovative voice work we see pop up as requested by NY Video Meetup, the world’s largest organization of online video entrepreneurs, who meet monthly in NYC to showcase and discuss the emerging trends of the entertainment industry.

What kind of interesting voice over work do you find showing up more and more?