Voice123 talent say see you later to inactive message on voice over profiles

Posted on May 3, 2012 by


The Voice123 inactivity message used to show up on a voice talent’s profile, if they had not signed in to their account for 30-days.You will now see that message later, literally. Why make this change?

Long and short story…It was not helping anyone as originally intended. Why? Read more…

  • Active voice talent who did not sign in for 30-days suddenly were viewed as inactive, when they actually were active, but just working with repeat clients.
  • Voice seekers would not directly invite voice talent off the Voice123 search engine due to the message.

Most importantly…

  • The search engine on Voice123  is one of the most powerful ways to market yourself online as a voice talent.
  • It is a benefit offered when you subscribe to Voice123 as a premium member.
  • Does the message still appear? Yes, BUT ONLY until after someone has not logged in to Voice123 for over a year, which will not affect anyone who subscribes just for the exposure.
  • This is a basic necessity for any online business…be it…voice talent, voice seeker, or Voice123. If you have not logged in for a year, it is safer for a website to tell the world, “No longer here!”, so active talent in the voice industry get more exposure on Voice123, Google, and receive direct invites.
  • Please note the image below from a talent, who has been inactive since 2010, to see what it looks like (name is covered):

Sign in to your account today, if you have a message like this currently.

Do you have any questions about this change? Please let us know if this change helps you!