Free webinar for learning everything about Voice123 next week May 9th!

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Do you spend a great deal of time wondering, “What is happening? Why don’t I book work? I know I am good!”.

Do you read lots of advice online from random sources, and still have no luck with booking voice over work the way you want? You will want to attend this and find out what’s up…

Sign up today for this free voice over webinar!

When: May 9th, 2012 at 8pm ET.

Cost: FREE

Out of all the information you find online, this free webinar has something very special and different about it:

  • Taught by Voice123 staff, who once used the website as a voice over talent
  • Taught by people with five years experience behind the scenes of a voice casting site
  • Taught by people experienced with both online casting sites and offline casting
  • Find out what we know after 3 million auditions and over 50,000 jobs
  • Find out how to stay competitive in an online casting environment

There are many who take this webinar, and start finding success when using Voice123. We also do open Q & A, too!

It is free for everyone and you need not even have a Voice123 profile (but it will help a great deal).