Voice seeker feedback from recent Voice123 and Kickstarter project

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Did you audition for this job earlier in the week involving Voice123 and Kickstarter?

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This is a follow up to an article posted earlier this week on how to crowdfund for a voice over project. The voice seeker involved shared some feedback about the entire audition process that could be useful for voice talent and voice seekers. We hope this helps provide some great insight:

“Wow! That was fast!”

  • I was in mid-discussion the other day with the voice seeker when the first audition came in from a voice over talent.

“Sounds like a boy, yes, but I can still tell it is a woman.”

  • It is true that the majority of voice talent on Voice123 offering child voices are adult women, however, we have noticed that the taboo of “real children working online” has been going away in the past two years.
  • If you have a child, who wants in on the voice over industry, they have been in more demand lately. Just last month, as a favor to an agent who wrote me directly, “I need a real child’s voice.” So, I passed a child’s name along that scored a voice talent (Voice123 child and mom) $4000. We could not have done it unless the child had a profile on Voice123.
  • Sharing profiles with family does not work because in searches, the adult shows up first. Simply put, people think its spam. It is why they wrote me. Profiles need to be for one person only. Keep it real.

“Do I really need to rank people? I don’t want to hurt any feelings”

  • The seeker reluctantly ranked to organize the talent, but did mention he wanted to change it later. He also did not want talent to see it. He just wanted to listen and choose.

“These are amazing!”

  • More than 28 people submitted in less than an hour.
  • All of them were listened to, and all of them were great. The seeker mentioned that he could tell the difference between real kids and not real, but still, found them all amazing.

“Getting people to vote and a thank you note?”

  • Here is the interesting part…To vote…you must be a backer of the project. Sounds like a political campaign, but indeed, the more you pay…the more you have a say…in who gets chosen.
  • He also wants to personally thank everyone who auditioned for this, and let the voice talent know how much he appreciates what they did.

What do you think of this seeker’s feedback? Did any of it surprise you?