Tips on the importance of image in Google for voice over actors

Posted on April 25, 2012 by


Do you remember a time, or not, when voice actors preferred to remain anonymous and faceless? Headshots have in fact become highly important for working online in voice overs, and for reasons neither voice actors nor Voice123 had anything to do with. Why?

Here is a helpful article. It will explain more on the importance of your image in Google.

Google has been changing around its search results, and to put it simple:

  • Content that keeps it real, and you know who wrote it, and where it came from. Your “headshot” will help you.
  • This is great news for bloggers, and those with their own website. See example below…look where the face shows up:

There are some downsides to this for those (present company included), who may have had a bad day or two, and lost their Fonzie cool when generating online content. Why? Content created that is authenticated as coming from you, may start to show higher in search results, especially when your headshot is easy to identify as coming from you. What can you do about it? Be a bigger person, admit it was a mistake, and move forward. If the world was perfect, there never would have been a need for the Internet. (deep thought :D)

The best news about it! Here’s a recent quote from Marshall Simmonds (an expert in the practice of Search Engine Optimization):

  • “Unique content was the original marketing tool back in the 1990s and has once again come full circle. While many publishers have never lost sight of that objective others have and got lost in the deep rabbit hole of flavor-of-the-month promotion tactics. Strong unique content is still the key to driving qualified traffic. SEO and social are the value add post-publish.”

‘Coming full circle’ means that those who are creating genuine content that is valuable to people in the voice over industry, and your headshot is showing up to validate it is you, helps you get found easier. Score one for old-school!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have questions about this info? Where does your image show up?