Things you find out ONLY after working for a voice over website

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Last night, I had done a conference call about Voice123, and when it was done I started writing a list of things I found out after working for this voice over casting website…that I did not know before. Working with the voice over community means seeing and hearing lots of different questions and opinions. If you are new to working online, or experienced both offline and online, there are simply those “things” that you will never know unless you work for the company.

Does this mean I am going to reveal when I take lunch? No, but I will keep it to those things ALL voice over seekers and talent should know about working online, and these happen to be the very things I learned after starting here:

What’s ma’ name!

  • We are called Voice123…not “Voices123”. It makes a difference, especially if you are trying to bring a person to the right website to find you.

Patience is a virtue

  • Voice seekers and voice talent are many times in the same boat. Using a website to find voice talent, or voice work, can be equally challenging. It is the learning curve of working online…”What do I do next?”

You need my voice for what?

  • While some may blog about low paying work, it is important to understand that there are lots of new markets opening up each day due to apps, Facebook games, toys, and the transitioning entertainment sector that is becoming highly involved with technology each and every day. In short, not everyone knows what to charge all the time…especially for an animated web video that airs on an iPad. You can make up numbers, but this is very much a “feeling out period”.

Wait…I know these people…

  • When I first started here, I met many who expressed Voice123 is a great place to get started in voice overs. What they did not acknowledge was that they, themselves, had used Voice123 as a spring board, but had enough clients now that they did not spend as much time on the website anymore.
  • I have also watched several web companies start their own business by using the Voice123 database to promote it.  Is that bad? Who knows? But it happens. I have also met owners of other websites. They are good people…businesses…like everyone else.

All websites are not the same…even though you audition

  • Just like we go to a restaurant for the service, food, and people…websites are no different. You have to know WHY the buyers use the Voice123 website to hire talent. Maybe it’s because they have free onion rings, or they have neat toys that make hiring from the website fun?

Lowering costs backfires

  • This is just something I had to see for myself to believe it. For all the blogs and experimental comparisons of websites, or “things people say”, what is happening is that those who are good…teach those who hire…how much something should cost.

People will ask the same questions they asked 20 years ago…and 20 minutes ago…the business did not change much

  • This is just website knowledge. ALL of us ask the same questions because someone else asked them first. Everyone who works in a service industry deals with this. We are all creatures of habit.
  • Why did I say that? Because you should never be afraid to ask a person a question. You get further in business by being curious than you do a self-proclaimed professional.
  • The one major thing that has changed in this industry, compared to years ago, is that professionals feel more obligated to answer questions. It is a good thing.

Wow! You mean people won’t like me?

  • This was a tough one. Are you a non-confrontational, path of least resistance-type? Online, there will be people who do not like you…just because others like you. With over 700 million personalities on Facebook, and thousands in voice overs, there will be people who just don’t like you for your personality. Voice actors aim to please…but if you cannot…don’t take it personally.

The sounds of silence…and what they mean

  • Did someone ever not get back to you? It usually means… “No”…or their phone is dead…or they got in an accident…or the email went into spam
  • Basically, it means…Follow up with someone, and if they do not answer, do not take it personally. Just move on.

Voice seekers care…they do…

  • I came into the company wondering what voice seekers were like to work with. I find almost all of them have had a hidden desire to be voice talent, and they admire the voice over business. It is very exciting for them to use Voice123. The feedback I receive through customer service from voice seekers almost always expresses how amazing the voice talent were to work with.

A profile does not a voice talent make…

  • Do you play around with websites? Maybe one weekend you click “Allow” on a Facebook app, just to try it. Well…if you ever see someone mention that “profiles on the site are amateur-ish” or preach there is an “infestation”, you should know we have only 4100 premium subscribers out of over 100,000 voice talent profiles. Most of the profiles are inactive.
  • Why so many? We all play with websites to see what they are like to use. Before buying a premium subscription back in 2006, I had a free profile on Voice123 for many months. I found out later, that my decision to investigate the website years in advance would prove helpful.
  • There are those Fridays after a terrible work week, that ‘being paid to talk’ looks worth investigating. Whether or not you want to pursue it…takes longer than creating a profile. It is why so many inactive profiles have no demo. Moral of the story…It is your career to have and have not.

The staff is from where?

  • Before working here, I thought the staff may have been in Canada. In fact, the staff is in New York City, Dallas, Chicago, Fort Myers, Fla. and Bogota, Colombia. They are also former users of Voice123, and involved in the industry offline, too. The different perspectives are great given the diversity of people on the website.

When it comes down to it, the online world has matured, but there is always a great deal of distracting information as to what is really happening. The only sure fire way to know the “real deal” is to get curious, creative, and at times…dare to think differently. You may find out something you never knew before.

Are you curious about anything you see on Voice123?