Voice123 loses that newbie feeling for renewing voice over talent

Posted on April 20, 2012 by


Back in July 2007, Voice123 released the system, SmartCast. One thing that always got under the skin of premium subscribers was that their auditioning stats reset after a renewal. You would renew your premium subscription and *poof*…all of a sudden, the SmartCast formula viewed you as a first-time premium subscriber all over again.

It usually meant getting lots of voice over job invites towards the end of the premium subscription, and then after renewing, you started over again. To put it simple…Renewing voice talent felt like they became newbies on a site they knew very well. Where is the love!?!

It is there…we promise…Voice123 made a change to give long time users a big reason to renew their premium subscription. A voice talent picked up on this change and let us know how he felt about it:

  • I notice that you recently changed the stats to reflect our number of auditions since we originally started our subscription, instead of the most recent renewal.  This is much more fair, and a nice improvement. “

Basically, Voice123 has made a change so that statistics do not reset when voice over talent renew their premium subscription…BUT…you have to renew before your premium subscription runs out. Don’t let your subscription go standard.

What does this mean for you, as a voice over talent using Voice123 for a long time?

  • Voice123 talent, who pay to subscribe and renew before turning standard again, will have a statistical seniority over those who joined later than others.
  • Someone who has been on Voice123 longer will have an advantage for receiving invites, first.

What does this mean for new voice over talent to Voice123?

  • It means the site will be a bit more competitive to get into jobs first, and build up strong statistics.
  • Nice thing is…They wont go away after 365 days.

Is this change so big that you need to worry about your current subscription?

  • Not at all. This change affects one portion of the SmartCast formula that renewing subscribers to Voice123 have asked us to change.
  • You will notice this change the next time you renew, and your premium subscription does not feel like starting over.

Does this mean “open flood gates” and “early bird gets the worm, so make sure you are first or forget trying”?

  • Not at all. It is what makes Voice123 different. You have a fighting chance. Due to the matching system, you usually audition against the same several people each time.
  • Voice123 always encourages smart auditioning to make sure you read for the right people you want in your voice over career, while shaping the types of jobs you wish to see posted more often.

For those who have been with Voice123 and requested this every year, we appreciate your patience greatly, while we figured out this change. We are confident it will make renewing to our service a much more rewarding experience, even more so, depending on how long you have had a profile.

If you are currently a premium subscriber with a subscription about to expire, please take advantage of this new change to Voice123!