10 Commandments for managing your own social media efforts

Posted on April 2, 2012 by


You may notice from Twitter and Facebook, that today’s talent all do some form of social media marketing, whether they realize it or not.

As voice talent online require his/her own “social media manager” of sorts, until they get wealthy enough to hire someone to do it for them :D…we want to pass some tips taken from a Linkedin group of Community Managers. The tips seem to apply not only to Voice123, but to all voice over businesses and talent who are being social for the purposes of marketing!

Click here for the Ten Commandments of Social Media Management

1. Thou shalt feed your community, not your ego.
2. Thou shalt recognize followers with gratitude.
3. Thou shalt share content useful to the community
4. Thou shalt not moderate comments.
5. Thou shalt post community rules.
6. Thou shalt be transparent in all decisions.
7. Thou shalt not feed the trolls.
8. Thou shalt converse and not broadcast.
9. Thou Shalt Respond to All Queries Quickly
10. Thou Shalt Listen Before Speaking

Thanks to Sam Fiorella at Sensei Marketing!

Which one of the above do you think gets broken too much? 😀