Successful Voice123 talent Naomi Mercer shares how she gets voice work

Posted on March 23, 2012 by


graphic from Naomi's Voice123 profile

Since starting at Voice123 in 2007, I have come across many voice talent who tell me about booking voice work, and those who have not. Naomi Mercer is someone who has helped teach Voice123 staff about the smart ways to get jobs. She has shared game changing ideas with me, that I have seen others use to get work.

Now Naomi Mercer shares them publicly with you!

Naomi stated to me,  “I do this because it’s fun as (heck) and creative.  I do it because I am an aspiring artist and voice over work replaces those starving actor jobs.  I no longer schlep drinks at bars and walk dogs for celebrities. I enjoy creative outlets, and  I share what I know to keep that very important creative side of me happy, so others can too.”

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An important business skill in any career is “listening to the right people for the best advice to grow your own career”. In an online world of distracting information, this is a person you NEED to hear out and will not mislead you!

Any questions about the above for Naomi? Please fire away! 🙂