Great voice over career info coming up next week

Posted on March 6, 2012 by


Next week, there are two very special events coming up that we think you should make room in your calendar for, if you are a voice over talent!

The first one comes Voice123’s newest partner, Edge Studio. Let’s face it. Taxes just stink, but they need not keep you down:

Monday March 12th: Tax season is right around the corner! Join Edge Studio and Voice123 for a free Q&A session with tax expert June Walker!

Now, fast forward two days:

Wednesday March 14th: Voice123’s bi-weekly webinar at night, giving advice for working online and booking voice work. Sign up here! 

About the Voice123 webinar…I am proud to say that these webinars lead to voice talent getting work. It is a proven fact!  I will teach you how to sift through the distracting nonsense of working online, so you can get behind the mic again with pleasure, and never feel like you are guessing at what to do next! I share info you will not hear from anyone else.

If you have never been to one of these sessions, I guarantee you that you have not fully optimized your potential on Voice123, even if you are successful already.

I answer ALL questions, too! 🙂