How to use Google Voice for phone patch in your home voice over studio

Posted on February 27, 2012 by


Are you finding that using Skype or a phone as a phone patch is becoming a bit too much with your voice over jobs on Voice123? Check this ‘How To’ for using Google Voice as a phone patch!

You will need a Gmail account and a Google Voice number for this, and the good news is that both requirements are free.  Plus, you can call anywhere in the US, free with Google Voice, and if you need to make an international call, the rates are pretty reasonable.

Use Google Voice for Phone Patch

  • First, you run audio cables from your computer into the CD/TAPE L and R inputs on your mixer.  Your mixer may be probably different than mine, but most are set up similarly.

Note: My husband's finger! I don't have 'Man Hands!'

  • Next, push in the button that says “CD/TAPE to CNTRL”. This will allow you to hear the caller in your headphones, but not  record them. (Note: Here is my only problem with this setup.  You will not be able to hear yourself in the headphones, just the caller.  You can push in the button labeled “CD/TAPE to MIX” and you will be able to hear yourself and the caller, but unfortunately, it will record the caller as well and we do not want that.)
  • Now, log into your gmail account and open this link in another tab.  Then, open your settings by clicking on the little gear icon on the top, far right of the screen.

Google Voice Settings

  • My Google voice number is usually set to forward to my cell phone.  But, for this, uncheck the box next to your phone number and check the box next to Google Chat.
  • Next, click the red “Call” button.

  • You simply type the number you want to call into the box and choose “Google Talk” as the “phone to call with” and hit Connect.
  • You will see a small window pop-up in the bottom right corner of your screen, click it and you should be automatically redirected to your Gmail inbox where you will have the option to “answer” the call.  I know it sounds strange to “answer” your own call, but you will actually be connected to the number you dialed upon clicking the “answer” button.  The following image is from the bottom right corner of my Gmail inbox.  You can see there is even a little recorder built in if you want to try it out and record both sides of the conversation.  I did not try this yet, so if you do, let me know how it works!

  • Now,  just open your recording software (I use  Adobe Audition) and you will see that it records your mic input only, not the other person on the line.

Like I mentioned before, the only problem with this method is that I cannot hear myself in the headphones, only my caller.  If anyone has a way for me to hear myself in the headphones and not record the caller, please let me know! Also note that the client can call you as well.  Again, just make sure in your settings that calls are set to forward to Google chat and when they call you, you will see the pop-up notification in the bottom, right corner of the screen to answer the call.

How did you set up the phone patch in your studio?