Mendelsohns Incessant Visions interview with a documentary filmmaker and voice talent

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A few weeks ago, documentary filmmaker Duki Dror from Tel Aviv, and Voice123 talent Debbie Irwin, enjoyed a successful premiere of “Incessant Visions: Letters From an Architect” at the Film Society of Lincoln Center for the New York Jewish Film Festival. Voice123 was happy to be in attendance and see a voice talent’s name on the big screen! 🙂

We had the chance to interview them both the following Sunday in downtown NYC before the director flew home, and  discuss the experience behind the film while using Voice123 to hire voice overs.

Transcript below:

“Voice123: Thank you for joining us today. We are here with filmmaker, Duki Dror, and voice talent, Debbie Irwin. Could you tell us a little about this film?

Duki:  This film is a biographical film and I knew from the beginning that they needed voice overs for this. I came across this online service Voice123, and I wondered what would happen if I searched for voice talent this way. Amazingly enough after two hours, I received 60 or 70 auditions. I was blown away by the variety of voice overs to choose from and I could make a decision based on what arrived to my computer.

Voice123: Debbie, what did you think when you saw the job on Voice123 and what made you decide to audition for it.

Debbie: I have been doing voice overs for 8 years, but have a background in theatre. Voice123 has been a terrific resource for me to find work because there is a world out there of people doing interesting projects, and because of my interest in the arts, there was a real person involved; a story I could delve into. I am interested in the quick commercials, too. This project however took 2 years to complete.

Voice123: What inspired you to look for online assistance, given you had the experience and resources to hire voice talent offline?

Duki: This way offers variety a voices and lets me figure out what I want from this character, and how do I see this character. Also, what is the tone? What is the color? Voice is almost everything, especially when you are trying to characterize someone who is no longer with us.

Debbie: There was a creative arch that happened over the two years and our approach for how Louise Mendelsohn sounds changed. At first she had a German accent, and the script changed, plus he needed my voice to work with. It is truly an art and not a science. The more material you receive the more you realize what works.

Voice123: What made Debbie stand out so much against all the other auditions?

Duki: She is the first voice that made me say, “Wow, I like this voice! This is going to be my character. This is something I can work with.” Now, it was a whole long trip between when we started to work and the final product.

Voice123: From where did you initially start working with Debbie?

Duki: My home studio in Israel.

Voice123: Were there any difficulties or logistics in doing so?

Duki: Well, of course not, because we would send each other files and if there were any difficulties we could discuss things via phone or Skype.

Debbie: Maybe the time difference was the hardest part. Even if doing a commercial, executive education, telephony, web video, or even a little phone message, there is a character to all of it, but to be involved in a project that has a place in the history books, and is historically relevant, gives a feeling of tremendous pride.

Voice123:  This is not the first stop for your film.

Duki: Right, the film will be traveling around the world to the many Jewish Film Festivals.

For more info, here is the Facebook page. It will also debut at several documentary film festivals.

Voice123: Thank you so much for this interview! We greatly appreciate it!”

Whether you are a voice seeker or voice talent, we hope you found this helpful and enlightening!  Our favorite part of this was getting to meet several Voice123 users in the process. “Why don’t we do this more often?” 😀

UPDATE as of 3/3/2012: Message from Debbie Irwin

  • If you or your friends missed the NYC premiere of Incessant Visions, good news! The film will be screened once more at the JCC in Manhattan (334 Amsterdam Avenue/76th St.) on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 7:30pm. The documentary, a film I co-narrated, is the untold story of the life and work of early 20th Century German Jewish architect Erich Mendelsohn, (who inspired Frank Lloyd Wright and many of our best-known architects today). The tale unfolds through letters exchanged between Mendelsohn and his wife, Louise. My narration gives voice to the intimate thoughts she shared with her husband.I am so proud to have been involved with this work, both personally and professionally.After the show, the director, Duki Dror will be available for Q&A.If you have the time, I highly recommend checking it out!

Click here if you would like tickets!