How voice seekers and voice talent can help each other

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In honor of ‘Be Humble Day’, I wanted to share a testimonial. This is taken from an email I received from Bradley Stearn at Red Spectrum Pictures UK. Please read for how voice seekers and voice talent can help each other:

“The experience with using Voice123 was fantastic. I have never been on a website that is so simple to use. It will definitely not be the last time I use the site to find a voice-over talent. I set up a project for my short film ‘Dime Detective’ back in 2011, and I received more than 20 auditions from talents, who had seen the project and from talents I had invited to try out with an audition. I had a wide amount of auditions, from Great British talents, American talents and even American talents speaking with an English accent.

I wasn’t too sure what I was going to use for my project. I thought Voice123 was great for narrowing down auditions, I emailed all the talents who hadn’t got the part and I was able to delete their audition which cleared the inbox. I was then able to narrow down to my favorite 5 auditions, and then I was able to pick the final talent, Robert Shea.

Robert was perfect for the role of the ‘American’ author in my short film noir, as stated on his Voice123 page, he specialized in having a deep voice, comedy, announcing and character voices. Since hiring Robert Shea for the role, he has discussed how he would love to work with me in the future in my future projects.

I uploaded the final short film to YouTube just before the end of 2011, and since then it has received over 1500 views, and has been previewed in popular DIY filmmakers channel, ‘Indy Mogul’s Movie Quest Show‘.

After a couple of days of it being public on YouTube, I received a message from a YouTuber asking me to upload the short film to his free online film contest. Of course I couldn’t turn the offer down, so now ‘Dime Detective’ is in the ’10 Minute Movie Contest’ at ‘Movie Play-offs’. It managed to get through to round 2, and is currently in voting with a match-up in round 2, however we still need as many votes as possible to ensure we can get through to round 3 in March.

I would like to thank Voice123 for the great experience, and without the website I would have never completed my short film to the standard and quality that it got to.”

OK! So, here is how you can help this voice seeker and the voice talent involved!

Vote for his short film ‘Dime Detective’   in matchup #18 alongside short film ‘Routine’. They are currently neck and neck with votes.

If you have ever done voiceover work that requires more exposure as part of an event…please let us know or comment below! This is a great chance to build exposure and relationships with your clients!

If you have such a thing going on right now, please comment!

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