Why there must be lots of sauces in the voiceover mix

Posted on February 20, 2012 by


Did you ever start writing a blog, article, or post, and before you knew it, someone else writes something ahead of you with that exact same idea? Did someone seem to copy you today, and you cannot figure out how or why they did it? Maybe you did some sort of promotion, and suddenly it looks like businesses are running conflicting promotions? How dare they step on your toes! Right?


There are reasons many businesses run promotions, just like there are reasons companies like Prego make dozens of spaghetti sauces. Before worrying about what your competition does, or drawing conclusions that someone is out to ruin a business deal, you should first take a look at this video which explains why there must be lots of sauces to increase sales, and the marketing technique may be useful for your Voice123 experience:

At the end of the day, not everything you do will be loved and cherished by all people. Offering more than one thing, helps you find new audiences and what audiences you may want to give less of your attention. Being found in the same place as your competition offers more choices, and more choices means more customer loyalty!

Are you offering more than just one ‘sauce’ in the way you market yourself?