Localize and hire voiceover talent in your city from Voice123

Posted on February 16, 2012 by


Voice123 has been in existence for 10 years, and for a period of time, many associated online casting with “finding someone with a home studio in some part of the world”.

But, do you know how to use Voice123 to work locally? It is very easy to do, so let me illustrate with a true story:

A casting director in NYC that I know from my college days, contacts me and states, “YO Steve! … I heard you work at Voice123 now. I am in a jam. Can you find someone for me in NYC? They have to be AFTRA though, male voice and its for a commercial. What do you got?”. (it is NYC)

I go to the search feature on Voice123 and make the following selections you see below, and write him back, sending this casting director a link of 29 voice talent: (from NY)

You can change the states and countries around to fit what you need, locally. Now, some may think, “Oh no! This cuts into my biz as an agent!”. To that I say…No, it doesn’t nor does it cut into those with sound production houses, and I will show you why in my next post. 😀

Simply put, the technology on Voice123 offers you a healthy selection of professional voice talent, globally and locally, and industry/tech savvy customer service people to help you any time!

What do you think? Can you use this for yourself and others in your region?