Tools that make hiring voiceover talent a sweet deal on Voice123

Posted on February 1, 2012 by


This week, in honor of National Inane Answering Message Day(a holiday exists for everything), we had posted a job on Voice123. It reminded us that we need to talk about the great tools voice seekers can use through

Voice123. These tools make hiring from Voice123 a sweet deal, not only today, but in the future.


eHarmony of Voice Casting? Preferred Voice Talent

  • Maybe not that intimate, BUT you can click on an option for Preferred Voice Talent. This will allow you to save a short-list of your favorite talent.
  • The more you use the website, the larger your talent list can grow, and you can build relations with many voiceover professionals.

Sharing your audition inbox (and never tell them it came from us)

  • Do you see any references to Voice123 in this link to a shared inbox of recordings?
  • We understand that many use Voice123, and wish to take all of the credit for where they found them. That is completely cool. You are hiring voiceovers, and that is great!

Ensuring quality standards…A list of ‘Did you know?’ facts:

  • Voice123 manually screens all voiceover job postings.
  • Voice123 staff also manually screens submitted recordings for your job.
  • To date, we have screened over 3 million recordings since 2003.

Not into filling out forms? That is ok, too!

  1. Go to our search feature on Voice123 for a complete list of Premium Subscribers.
  2. Adjust the parameters for what you want, right down to the talent’s very location or association!Click here for example
  3. Contact who you would like to read for you!

Finally…here is what you do, after you find the voiceover talent you need! If you ever have any special needs, or need to talk to us, we are on Live Chat, phone, and email, for 7-days a week. 🙂 Voice123 has a great many tools for you to hold your own castings, build relationships with clients, and get affordable, fast, and professional voice talent.

Have you hired from Voice123 before? What was your experience like?