Voiceover agents can use Voice123 as casting director

Posted on January 30, 2012 by


There exists a perception that Voice123 ‘competes with agents’. Oddly, even though I have had experiences communicating with agents, over the past month especially, we have come to learn that many are not aware that Voice123 is a casting director tool for finding voice talent. In addition, they do not want to try it out of loyalty to other industry folks. Fair enough…I understand loyalty. I really do! But wait…let us get the story straight first…

This is how voiceover agents can and have used Voice123 as a casting director:

Skipping the job posting process, going straight to the Search Feature:

  • This has happened to myself, and several other voice talent. An agent is looking to find new talent, building up a pool, so they go to the search feature is use really strict parameters to get results like this for voiceover talent. One of the talent on this list was passed to an agent for a Union job actually, late last year in New York City. He was one of five that fit a specific description, and booked the job too.
  • Fact: Voice123 has currently 4000+ premium subscribers, but due to the set up of the technology, they usually audition against the same set of people all the time. This is quite similar to the days of ‘pavement pounding’, where you got to learn who your competition was by who was in the casting director’s office. Myself, only 26 premium members have the same parameters I do, and not all are competition by voice type.

Say hello to your neighbor! More Search Feature and SmartCast!

  • Agents can seek voice talent on their own and make sure that they live locally due to the project posting form option for geographical requirements.
  • Agents can hide that they use Voice123 to find voice talent. The voice seeker shared inbox link allows for businesses to hide that they used Voice123 to find voice talent. We all have our trade secrets.
  • Look at this search result example for ONE voiceover talent, whose location combined with skill, profile, and search feature, landed him a major gig!

Agents only working with Union voiceover talent

  • Yes, you can do that, too. The project form, search feature, and matching technology of SmartCast are set up, so that you can only request Union voice talent, if that is what you want.
  • Here is an example of search results.
  • Voice123 has come a very long way since the days of ‘early-bird-gets-worm’. Technology itself has become more transparent, and it has helped professional voice talent work online, faster and easier.

Interface helping you to build relationships with voiceover talent

  • Simply put….Use ‘preferred voice’ for in your Audition Inbox, and you save them on your My Preferred Voices list in your account… ‘paperlessly’.

Point here is…Voice123 is an extremely versatile tool for finding voice talent, and the talent are very professional.

Use Voice123 as your automated casting director, and find out what we are talking about!

ps- We also have something necessary for all businesses today…great customer service. Email us if you have any questions!