Mr.Three Million is voiceover talent Dan Tucek!

Posted on January 23, 2012 by


And yet...we know each of you!

Over the past couple of days, we at Voice123 were reporting that we were coming up on our 3-millionth audition. We offered to give away a 3-yr free premium subscription to the voice talent, who submitted the 3-millionth audition. Now, your winner:

“Mr.Three Million” is officially voiceover talent Dan Tucek!

The audition was submitted for this voiceover job on Saturday. To give you some history behind who is doing the listening…We passed the two millionth audition back in March 2008. Through all of the listening going on, because three million auditions is a ‘whole lotta listenin’ goin’ on’…We can say with a smile that Voice123 staff has rarely had any change, and when we did we hired from within the Voice123 talent community to help improve Voice123. On average, our staff handles more than 20,000 emails a month, and listens to 330,000 auditions annually!

This also means we have all gotten to know our voiceover community, what they sound like, and names and faces, too. It is a great thing to know who you work for, hear from them everyday, and realize the Internet is not as “vast” as many think! 😀 We are glad to be here with you, and we hope to be here for millions of auditions to come!

Congrats again to “Mr. Three Million”, Dan Tucek! 🙂