How to be a leader and inspire the voiceover industry

Posted on January 16, 2012 by


Today is the perfect day to write about how voiceover talent can inspire leadership in their voiceover industry. Think about it…Before the Internet, follows, likes, hits, and social marketing, how were you influenced by leaders in the voiceover industry? Did you travel thousands of miles just to hear someone speak to better your career? Draw a parallel to very real concerns in the voiceover industry today that many have been outspoken about:

1. Fear of low balling

2. Fear of damaged professionalism with over-saturating an industry

3. Concern, yes, that the Internet has caused this

If you have such concerns, and you want to make your voiceover industry better, take a look at this great TED Talk:¬† ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action‘. You will pick up some great tips!

I know from experience now…Not all qualified professionals work online, or on Voice123. Why? At the end of the day, people buy ‘why you do it’, and there are many not recognizing like-minded businesses in online communication. Think of these phrases that many say, and compare ‘what you do’ vs. ‘why you do it’:

‘What You Do’

  • “I am a professional, so hire me.”
  • “Hire me because I produce quality audio.”


“Why You Do It”

  • “I care about professional quality, to give your business a more professional feel”
  • “I give clients control over the voice of their products”

Fact is, any cute marketer can be good at saying why they do it, but when your “Why You Do It” is powerful and backed with intention that shows you care about what you do, you will be the one setting an example for the future of voiceovers. You will become a leader in your industry, if you are what you claim to be. ‘Why You Do It’ opens the door. ‘What You Do’ seals the deal. When people follow you, they do so because what you believe serves them, and together…

You can combine and transform a community, an industry, or the world with your beliefs.

What do you do to inspire positive change in the industry? Please share!