Voiceover casting site trumps freelance sites for hiring voice talent

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Shameless promotion warning!!!  Of course, I am talking about Voice123 for voiceover work, yet I cannot mention the other website…because that is promoting competition. So, I want to share a story of how Voice123 trumped a well-known website…ummm…E-pants. I love sharing voice seeker testimonials that display community satisfaction for voiceover talent and voice seekers.

First thing to understand about Voice123,  it is a ‘DIY’ site; very ‘do-it-yourself’ voiceover work. When voice seekers are pleased, it is mainly because voice talent provided the following:

  • Fast service
  • Great audio quality
  • Were wonderful to communicate with
  • Provided professional script reads and online service

Here is the testimonial:

“I have been having problems with an India-based firm we hired, through ‘Epants’ 😀 , to do a video for us. They have finished the video, with the voiceover, but we were not happy with the intonation, timing, etc of the voice over. Making corrections will be more time-consuming than changing the full voice over so they recommended a new voice talent and we decided that we will put clear instructions to the script (even though, for me, it was supposed to be easy since the script was narrating a process being shown in the video). But it was taking the firm some time to respond to me via emails, so I thought of looking for a new way to change the voice and synchronize it with the video. That’s when I stumbled upon Voice123. I found it easier to search and scan voice talents based on the category (for professional and corporate video narration), exactly the same as our requirement, and invite pre-screened voice talents and request for custom demos. It took only about 5 minutes for my boss to confirm my preferred voice.

The chosen talent was also extremely professional to communicate with via email and phone and accommodating. I am based in Dubai and she was in PST, so there was a 12-hour time difference but she replied to my emails and calls; great especially since we were in a holiday season.”

Nice work voiceover talent!

Did anything this voice seeker said, surprise you about getting work on Voice123?

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