One year later what Ted Williams did for voice overs

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Almost one-year ago to the date, we are still here. Ted Williams has not destroyed the voice over industry, as some had predicted in 2011. I checked back to see just what happened with Voice123, after many predicted his quick rise to fame would spell doom for the industry. In fact, what happened was the complete opposite, did many a huge favor, and if there was a way to thank him, it should be done. He provided a wake-up call for thousands, and Voice123, as well.

Here is what happened from the Voice123 side in January 2011…

Sunshine on our shoulders?

  • January 3rd, 2011 –  Ted Williams viral video hits Youtube, showing a video of amazing talent in the most unexpected place. [below]

  • January 5th, 6th, and 7th of 2011 – Safe to say…it has gone viral. New talent registrations spike to 275 during the weekend, the highest all year.. (Standard profile creations)
  • January 8th to 19th, 2011 – The customer service team is flooded with ‘How Do I Get Started’ subject line emails.
  • January 2011 – Voice123 sets an all-time sales record, and handles 27,397 email inquiries.


  • February 2011 – Voice123 sets a record high for refunds, but broken hearts usually cost much more.

That same month, I began writing The Voiceover Guide for voice talent. Some of the questions we were asked in Voice123 were startling. We always knew we encourage people to use Voice123 to get voice over work, but learning that some were willing to quit their jobs and join online castings sites, with basically no game plan or experience at all, and all because of a viral video…was frightening.

The moral here…Ted Williams showed the online community that it takes more than just ‘voice talent’ to make it in this business. There must be a combination of business ethics, strategy, strength in foundation, personal wellness and an understanding that success in this business is never given, handed out, or bought, and no level of open-hearted behavior can change this. We all have to earn it. When you succeed, you will be a better person for it.

Cheers to a smarter voice over community in 2012! If he reads this…this is a big ‘thank you’, and certainly hope he is well.

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