It is the Era of Customer Service as it should always be

Posted on December 28, 2011 by


It goes without saying that this is The Era of Customer Service. This is largely influenced by social media. You can also say that ‘customer service is everything!’ when it comes to websites, their social media agenda, and how each person in a company leaves you feeling about the brand. Why?

  • If something breaks down
  • If someone reacts rudely to a comment
  • If someone does not do what was promised
  • If someone ignores a complaint
  • If someone passes your problem to someone else

…that is all bad customer service! It is a reflection of the attitude of a business towards a customer.

In fact, it is dangerous for any business, be it Voice123, voice talent, or voice seekers, to have moments of lacking discretion. Social media makes it this way. I used to hear, “I will sue you!”, every day while working on Wall St. In the field of community managing, I now see social uprisings against companies offering poor customer service. We are all human. Things happen, and we say things we should not. However, any voice actor knows, “It is all about how you react to the situation…not how you act in a situation.”

See this example of REALLY bad customer service!

Ouch! Apathy stings!

Good news is…Ideals such as ‘listen to your customer’, and ‘work hard to make them happy’, have never gone out of style. Some companies like Disney, do not use the word ‘customer’. They use the word ‘guest’ instead, to not make anyone feel like a typical customer. They aim to make people feel extra special as individuals.

As a voice talent, what customer service do you offer the clients you work with?