Survey for Best 2011 game changing gadgets in voice overs

Posted on December 21, 2011 by


You may wake up some days, read around online at all the new gadgets voice over talent are using, and think to yourself, “Where do they get those wonderful toys!?”. With all the changes to technology over the past year…what were your Best of 2011 Game Changing Gadgets in Voice Overs?

What qualifies as a “game changer”? A gadget that helped you do the following:

  • Recreated an old process of working offline using technology
  • Saved you time and space
  • Made voice overs easier
  • Cost you less money
  • Removed the need to hire someone else
  • Helped you produce professional audio quality
  • Allowed you to work anywhere at anytime

Maybe it was something as simple as being able to read copy off a tablet?

What were your Best of 2011 game changing gadgets in voice overs?