Survey Results of Top 5 Most Influential Voice-Over Writers in 2011

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Top Influential Voice-Over Writers of 2011

When the idea first came up to write about voice over talent, who have had the greatest influence on the voice industry with their blogging and writing skills, we understood that there are many who blog frequently. However, to be a ‘writer who influences action’ vs. ‘a writer just sharing thoughts to build exposure’, is another story. The key ingredient is “intent”.

It is plainly obvious, looking at all responses left in comments or sent via email, that there are many more than five writers inspiring voice talent to take better control of their careers. In no particular order…The Top 5 Most Influential Voice-Over Writers in 2011 and more:

Top 5 Most Influential Voice-Over Writers in 2011

So…it is more than five. ๐Ÿ˜€ย  The above received nods both in emails and comments from last week’s post. If you scan the blogs of those above, you will find intelligent debates and discussions or disagreements. That is fine. You can expect that on the Internet, this ‘digital land of opinions’. The important thing to understand is that each and everyone of them shares what they know, with the goal of growing a smarter voice over industry for tomorrow. Twenty years ago, I personally used to pay thousands of dollars for the very discussions that take place in these blogs.

The voice-over landscape has changed, and with their influential writing skills, the good folks above supplied a support system that is pivotal for success in voice-overs in 2011, and may they continue to do so in 2012!!!

Did you not see your favorite on this list for 2011? Who is missing from it?