Top 5 Most Influential Voice Over Writers of 2011

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Throughout the year, there have been those people in voice overs you wake up and read about each day before recording.

In 2011, how they thought and wrote helped you take actions that helped your voice over career or made you take action in some way to change the way you looked at voice overs. As a way to celebrate these hard working folks, we want to hear who you think the Top 5 Most Influential Voice Over Writers have been in 2011 for the voice over business!

Next Monday, we will reveal the results of this week-long poll. Let’s celebrate those who wake up everyday, committed to helping others in this changing voice over industry through their writing, be it Facebook pages, Linkedin, or tweets. On Friday, we will reveal your results for the best voice over work you booked in 2011.

Post comments with your favorite Top 5 Most Influential Voice Over Writers of 2011!

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