What is the best voice over job you booked in 2011

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The year is coming down the final stretch and Voice123 wants to check with you and see what you consider to be the best job you booked off of Voice123 this year!

Do you have a copy of work booked from Voice123, or a Youtube video, that comes with a story behind it?  See an example of a job booked last year!

Maybe you did something unique or special that we should all see and hear? We would love to hear your story…oh yeah…and promote the nonsense out of you for your hard work, as a tribute! If you are interested, please share and we will post articles about you this month to celebrate saying goodbye to 2011!

If you have a bit of a shy-bone inside you, no worries. Write me to steven@voice123.com

Please share your videos in comments below!  What is the best voice over job you booked from Voice123 in 2011?!? 😀

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