Transform your career because blacklisting is dead

Posted on November 30, 2011 by


This is a tribute blog to a very special voice talent, DC Douglas.

Are you someone who makes sure never to tell another industry professional what is on your mind for fear of ‘blacklisting’? “Watch what you say, that person may ruin your career!”. What if you did something that got you fired from a high profile gig? Would you think your career is over? Well…The world just is not like that anymore because the Internet killed off any threats of ever being blacklisted.

Voice123 wants to congratulate DC Douglas for his latest achievement. Some time ago, DC Douglas took a risk that not many others would, and in the moment, maybe that risk cost him a job. However, in the grand Internet scheme of things, he was protected and supported by those who agreed with him because the Internet gives the world an opportunity to immortalize people. Therefore, what he did is now ‘old news’, in the past, and forgotten, perhaps maybe because the Internet speeds up how quickly we get sick of someone being beat up on, to the point we all just feel, “Leave the guy alone.” It is how I felt anyway. Is this an invite to make phone calls and take political stances? No, but if one person feels threatened by another, they should fear no one when being upfront, especially if career-related.

If you notice a cryptic nature to this post, it is because I think people who stand up for what they believe in should be celebrated. I am hinting at old news, but focusing on the positive outcomes because rehashing old news would serve no purpose. What has changed in today’s Internet-world is that voice talent, for the first time in their career, can take risks to control their own career and be protected by the millions of risk-takers around them. It’s a beautiful thing…No fear…pursuit of passion…and protected by the passionate, like-minded thinkers online.

This begs the question of any voice talent who wishes to be at the success level of people like DC Douglas

Would you give up, that which you worked so hard for, in order to succeed at what you wanted most?

Photo by mdverde