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The common thread all online businesses share, be it a voice talent, voice seeker, or Voice123, is that all of us have to get exposure for what we do. But how do you get exposure, if the communication style these days is anti-selling; the process of simply talking, without selling your business. One way to do this is by exposing your voice over biz by helping others.

Take a look at this example of a recent USA Today article where Voice123 is mentioned.

Tips for exposing your voice over biz by helping others learned by this experience: 🙂

Sign up for a newsletter from websites like HARO. (Help a Reporter)

  • I like these emails personally. I feel it keeps me on the pulse of what people will talk about next week.

Look through emails with queries from reporters seeking help for writing articles.

  • Only replied to help reporters on articles where I knew I was an expert.
  • If not an expert, do not answer. You save everyone time that way.

Practice your writing skills for working with reporters. They do have online webinars for this topic!

  • It is important because you teach yourself how to express yourself in the moment, without the info needing to be extracted by you.

Dig deep into your skills! This is where your ‘gift of gab’ pays off. What you know, can expose you.

  • Voice over talent/actors/performers spend the better part of their years holding down a multitude of jobs. Know yourself well enough to draw from that experience.

Keep it real. This is a very ‘real world’.

  • Do not make up stories. Do not try to sound like you think you should sound. Let’s face it. Used car salesmen have been around long enough that we know who is trying to sell a lemon, and who is truly helping.

Don’t be shy. Talk about yourself. Reveal yourself….Expect lots of rejection.

  • Sound familiar? Not everyone will be able to use your story. Rejection is cool. It teaches us something about ourselves, be it through silence or written feedback.

Try to get the reporter to link back to the source of where you can be found.

  • Enter the part that can be considered selling. Think positively instead. There is a very human ‘give and take’ going on in this process.

Know your intent, and feel no sense of entitlement for your effort.

  • If you know you cannot help, but want to get a foot in the door, this is not the time to do it. You can imagine there are many opportunists, and spin-doctors, yet everyone online feels their own time is precious and do not like to be “sold to”. Your intent must be “to help”, and never “to get paid or promoted”.

Final note…Stay positive. Work hard. Watch doors open for you. Without a doubt, it is a formula for success in ANY business. Helping reporters is something I do during lunch, and it takes very little time. It is also fun. You may also discover you are an expert on some topic, that you never knew anyone thought about.

If you ever have a voice over topic you would like to write about or have me comment on, please let me know via steven@voice123.com! Always a pleasure talking shop with you!

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