Special discount offer on innovative acoustic booth

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A few days ago, we were approached by a fascinating company from Germany, run by a voice talent/musician, offering an innovative style of acoustic booth. The company, Studiobricks, has offered a 10% discount to voice talent of Voice123, on the real 4ft x 4ft Voice Over booth.

This offer will be valid until the end of December 2011, and exclusively for members of Voice123.  The booth comes with an LED Light and Studio Ventilation Kit, a 110 Volt converter, and the video will be labeled “Voice123” on the front of the booth. Here is a slideshow for you and more information below (Voice123 label not seen in the slideshow)!

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Some street cred: Studiobricks founder, Guillermo Jungbauer, always had a rehearsal booth as a musician. In the past, he changed his working place from Frankfurt to Berlin, and now resides in Barcelona. After moving his cabins a total of eight times, the idea came up to create his own booth that was easy to build and also had a solid double wall booth. It also had to be divided in smaller easy-to-carry parts (bricks). The design was important to him, because he wanted to have a booth for his loft. He asked an architect to find the best proportions, and sound engineers to search for soundproof materials.

The professional absorbers are from Vicoustic. They help achieve the best studio sound. The whole team created Studiobricks 3 years ago, and the easy-to-assemble concept for anyone to build up the booth by themselves, in order to save money, has been effective. The company first began selling these booths in Germany, France and Austria, and now voice over artists from Australia to India, are purchasing this innovative acoustic booth.

If you are interested, please visit the Studiobricks website.

Pricing breakdown in US-dollars:

Studiobricks 4ft x 4ft $ 5.953.00
Laquer $ 304.00
Ventilation Kit $ 473.00
Total $ 6.730.00
Voice123 Member Discount 10% $ -673,00
Packaging and Shiping US wide $ 850,00
Total $ 6.907,00

You can also find videos on their product on the Studiobricks Youtube channel

What do you think of this voice over booth?