Where QR Codes Take You – Part I by Debbie Irwin

Posted on November 18, 2011 by


With the proliferation of QR codes, it’s important to understand the purpose of this new sexy technology for voice talent.  It ain’t about the code, it’s about where the code takes you.  Are you curious where QR codes take you?

So was I. Then I saw an article on www.Reddit.com, written by a guy who’s got ‘Street Qred’ (knows his technology), and was able to explain it clearly.  So I got in touch. I’d been seeing the QR (Quick Response) codes more and more, on billboards in Times Square, on packages, in magazines…..  Seemed to me like they were becoming ubiquitous. So I wanted in. Here’s what I learned:

First, the basics: what is a QR code? It’s like a bar code. It’s meant to be scanned by a mobile device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc).  In order to scan it, you have to have a “reader” on your mobile device. Getting a reader is a cinch.  You simply download any of the free apps; an excellent one is available for most devices at http://getscanlife.com.  Open the app, point your device toward the QR code and when the image appears on your screen, it’ll be read by your reader, and take you to the website that is connected with that code.

Getting a QR code for yourself is also easy. Anyone can go online to any of the many free QR generating sites, like http://www.youscan.me, and have your own QR code within seconds that will direct the scanner to your website. But, here’s where it gets interesting because of what happens next….Problems galore! Most websites are full of large images, widgets, lots of pages of content, some with Flash, and all are designed to be viewed on a computer. But your phone isn’t a full-blown computer and doesn’t have the high speed connection, a quality browser or a decent sized screen in which to view all that content.

You don’t want to send people to your website and have it be a frustrating experience, with pages taking forever to load, or not loading at all, audios and videos not playing, and many other issues.

So why go there? Check back on Monday’s blog for Part II to find out!