When outside noise puts you out of work

Posted on November 17, 2011 by


Inspired by true events!  This post touches on a specific situation when the outside world completely disables your ability to record.

Take a look at the picture on the right.

Through working at Voice123, our staff has heard background noise from airports, subways, trains, radios, people, printers etc. Voice123 listens to auditions 7 days a week; almost 3 million of them since 2003. We hear background noise at times, but what do you do when the outside world disables your home studio!

Indeed, this may be specific to those who live in cities, but what if the noise outside is so bad that it creates vibrations that shake your whole house or any bunker you have built for yourself to achieve sound quality? Using my apartment as an example today, what would you do if you had a construction site going on outside your window that will completely keep you from recording from home for an “undetermined amount of time”? Consider of course that cutting the ropes is illegal, and may lead to sirens (more noise) or being arrested, so that is no good. Now your voice business is on hold because your auditions sound like this. Listen carefully to the noise in the background.

I recorded this as a sample for blog purposes…look at me making excuses for my sound already.  But obviously, this noise would be impossible to work with!

What would you do, if work permits and outside noise made it impossible to work from home?!