How to offer classic terrible customer service

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As voice talent we all “sell”, be it a voice over or simply ourselves by the mere fact that our personality of our voices can win jobs. But we have to think of the customer service that we offer to our clients. Why? Because customer service we offer is viewed as a window into how well the business we run (you/me/us) is organized. I wish to offer a worst-case scenario from eBay; a ‘how-to’ explaining how one can offer classic terrible customer service.

Now, to set this up, I had bought a Rockband 3 guitar for a Christmas gift (umm for my nephew). Needless to say, they sent me the wrong item in bad shape, and as a buyer, I now had to work with getting a replacement or refund. Below were my instructions from the “seller”:

“Dear Steven,

I’m sorry that your having problems with it. You can send it back for a replacement, within 14 days.
Please include a copy of our product return form, you can get a copy of it using this link (link).
Please make sure you print and fill, out a copy of this form to send back with your item.
It also helps if you can print out a copy of this email, and include it with the return as
well. If you have no way of printing the form, please write out all the required information on a piece of
paper. Failure to include the required information regarding your return will result in delayed return response
time. We process our customer returns every Wednesday and Friday. I will
personally inspect and ship the replacement.”

So, what is wrong with this customer service picture?

  • I did not have the problem; they did. They screwed up. Their mistake to fix.
  • They put me on a schedule to return this?
  • They gave me a great deal of work to do, in order to process “their” mistake.
  • I am then told, they only handle these two days out of the week.
  • No shipping label? It costs money to return things.

Moral of the story: The “seller” made the “buyer work”. Fail.

Have you ever had a situation like this with voice overs? How do you handle re-takes when buyers don’t like what they hear at first?

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