Thanking special voice talents on this Veterans Day

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This Veterans Day post is inspired by the voice over talent and artists we have come to know over the years, who we later found out served in the armed forces after blog posts about the Veterans Association, and emails to customer service asking us to put accounts on hold while they were deployed to other countries. We put the spotlight on one particular voice over talent, disabled veteran, and long time user of Voice123, Jake Jacobs.

Jake Jacobs served in the US Air Force from December 1978 until January 1988, when it was discovered he had a rare Anti-Mag Poly Neuropathy problem, leading to him being honorably discharged. Jake was that little kid in front of the television and radio, who would impersonate the characters and roles, and even found a way to develop new characters (now over 400). Over the years, he has used voice overs to keep family, friends, and co-workers entertained. In his travels working overseas, and understanding cultures, accents, and dialects, one day someone in radio advertising encouraged him to take his hobby to a new level, as a professional voice talent. There’s been no looking back. Jake’s prior experience serves him well, as he pursues a difficult career in voice overs. The exposure to foreign cultures, accents, etc. gave him a life experience that serves his voice career. With encouragement from his inner circles, he always keeps a keen eye and ear open to new and challenging voice over opportunities. Jake still connects with the people from his past, as often as possible; sometimes for lunch or an occasional adult beverage to discuss the industry, markets, technology, and changes.

Voice123 wishes to thank all who have served in the armed forces, especially those who allow us to serve them in return, and those artists who put their careers on hold while still waiting to be deployed overseas.

“A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares.”
– Debi Mazar

Did you serve in the military, and now pursue voice overs?

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