Who is hiring this holiday season outside of voice overs

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Ok. So, a time of year rolls around and you realize that the business you work in may soon take a holiday, and you have to consider what you will do for the holiday season, if money gets tight.

Perhaps one of the hardest things for an artist to do is to take inventory of their business, and realize, “I may just need to get a second job to support my artist’s life.” You know what? That is fine! Some of the best learning experiences come to us when we take a step back from what we were doing everyday, and peek into the lifestyles of the so-called “real world”. There is definitely no shame in it, and it will not make you less than an artist.

With the looming pressure placed on us to want to buy things for the holiday season, having a small, seasonal job, on the side may make sense. You never know…you may just meet other artists in the same boat as you.

Take a look at this article from Forbes on “Who’s Hiring the Most This Holiday Season”.

Did you ever work a holiday job to support your voice over career?

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